Nov 24th: Torturer/ Kremlin/ Eclipser

Nov 24th: Torturer/ Kremlin/ Eclipser

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Torturer is a four-piece Death/Thrash outfit from Quebec City. The band was formed in 2012 by brothers Will (guitars) and Tony (vocals) and drummer Simon, all of whom were part of the late Thrash metal band No Pity. The band self-released their first demo in May 2013, delivering a fast and aggressive brand of metal reminiscent of ‘old school’ Death and Thrash acts such as Possessed, Death, Sepultura, Slaughter, Protector and Asphyx to name a few. After three years of gigging, the addition of Chuck as the bassist of the band and another self-released EP in 2014, Torturer parted ways with Simon in the summer of 2016. Quickly, Alexis Landry (ex-Speed Terror and Deathroner) became part of the band as the new official drummer of Torturer. With this lineup, the band rehearses a darker, more brutal and heavier brand of Death/Thrash metal than before, old school-style and deeply rooted in the underground. 

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LineupKremlin and Eclipser
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