May 8th: The Bright Light Social Hour with Walker Lukens and More

May 8th: The Bright Light Social Hour with Walker Lukens and More

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The Bright Light Social Hour

From great tragedy comes great art. Or, at least, that's the hope. In creating their new albums, Jude Vol. I and Jude Vol. II, The Bright Light Social Hour found making music to be a healing, cathartic process after the band was deeply shaken by grief.

In 2015, around the release of the Austin group's second album Space Is Still The Place, Jackie's brother Alex, the band's manager of four years, was deep in the delusional throes of severe and sudden bipolar 1 disorder. It was a time of immense stress and intensity for the musicians, who began writing songs for a new album in their home studio on Lake Travis as Alex spiraled. The songs took a turn when Alex took his own life on the shore of the lake, witnessed in its aftermath by Jackie. 

Edward Braillif – keyboards, guitar, Joseph Mirasole – drums, Jackie O’Brien – bass, vocals, Curtis Roush – guitar, vocals

Walker Lukens

Walker Lukens has been called 'one of the best songwriters in Texas'. The Austin-based, Houston-bred singer, multi-instrumentalist has been called 'wonderfully inventive', a 'non-sexually intimidating version of Prince', and a 'veteran balladeer with sudden indie rock ambitions'. Walker thinks it’s important that you realize his name is not Walter. 

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