Apr 5th: Dance Event - Lonewolf Productions Anniversary Party

Apr 5th: Dance Event - Lonewolf Productions Anniversary Party

LoneWolf Productions

This is our company anniversary / as well as the birthday of Jason Lacombe, founder / CEO/ Alpha Wolf of LoneWolf Productions. 


2100: DJ Darken (Back to make, break, and shake the foundations of this event, Darken comes at you with that swish, smooth, pleasant sounding LIQUID DnB to take you to a higher place) 

2200: DJ Type Zero (Spinning the webs of the upper echelon of sound.. Type Zero infuses and transitions with precise, precision - the waves of Hardstyle)

2300: DJ Tamerax (It has been awhile, since our noble city has seen and felt his presence. A master of his trade, he gracefully turns the scene right upside down with his heart throbbing, fast pounding, HARD TRANCE!)

0000: DJ Dubldrop V DJ Woblz (Legend has it.. That these two men, gifted from birth, gods of their realm - came to our planet, on a mission.. To answer Marvin the Martian's damning question of, where is the earth-shattering Kaboom? To which they so eagerly replied with HEAVY HITTING,EARTH SHATTERING --- DUBSTEP! 

0100: DJ Pete Shredz (Are you ready..? *Distant voice* I'm ready! Are you ready though? *Distant voice* I'm ready!! Then POUND those DRUMS and SHOW me that BASS! DRUM N BASS.)

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