Dekcuf is a unique music room in downtown Ottawa at 221 Rideau St.  Mavericks is located downstairs below Dekcuf.

Phone: (613)244-5000 email:


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April 26th: L'il Debbie and Dev

L'il Debbie:  Facebook   .  Twitter  .  In..


May 2nd: The Montgomery Street Band

The Montgomery Street Band:  Facebook   .  ..


May 4th: Pop Culture Icons @ the Door

May 4th: Pop Culture Icons

Pop Culture Icons:  Facebook   .  Twitter  &..


May 24th: Bane/ Uhtcearu

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June 2nd: Slough Feg, Sanhedrin and More TBA New

June 7th: IGNITE

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June 16th: Marbin

Marbin:  Facebook   .  Instagram  . ..


July 3th: Dead Poet Society

Dead Poet Society:  Facebook   .  Instagram&n..