April 12th: Dance Event - High Voltage 2.0

April 12th: Dance Event - High Voltage 2.0

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High Voltage 2.0

Another high production party brought to you by Mysteria Entertainment!

Fracus & Darwin --------UK------------

Firmly established as one of the most diverse and forward thinking acts to emerge from the UK Rave scene in recent years, Fracus & Darwin’s unique and varied take on the Hardcore sound is always at the cutting edge of the genre. From their internationally successful artist albums, to the many compilation CDs released through mainstream stores, or their extensive work for some of the world’s leading gaming companies (Konami, Nintendo, Capcom etc), their varied, high quality productions have always struck a chord with an equally varied global audience.

Having performed all over the world, their unique and eclectic DJ sets showcase a wealth of experience and passion for good music which resonates with audiences from Tokyo to Moscow, London to LA. Whether it’s rocking clubs and festivals, or playing to the whole of the UK as guests on BBC Radio 1, Fracus & Darwin have always continued to infuse performances with all their love for the euphoric, energetic, dirty, varied music that captivates so many who hear them play.

Sc@r ------Australia-------

Hardcore DJ Sc@r, is recognised today as one of the worlds most prolific female artists. The Australian-born DJ burst onto the scene in 2006 and is renowned for running Scarred Digital and performing across the globe playing Happy Hardcore through to Gabber. This lady has made her stamp on the rave scene!

Having become one of the few female DJ’s to have performed around the world in the United Kingdom, Australia, USA, Japan, Canada, Russia, Belgium, Sweden and Spain! Her reputation has lead to bookings all over the UK at every major event including HTID, Hardcore Heaven, Fantazia, Fusion, Firewall, Uproar, Raver Baby, Spunky, Horizon, Subbsonic and the UK’s longest running dance parties Raindance and Dreamscape. Currently residing in Australia, Catch her appearing regularly at OneSeventy, Rocket Science, Hardcore Masif and for SyCo Productions amongst others. Her largest crowd to date is Djing in front of 20,000 people at Wembley Stadium for the internationally known event 'Color Run'.

With a constant stream of fresh projects on the go, Lady Sc@r dedicates her life to music. If you haven’t heard of her yet, then you’re not in the know!

Saiyan -------Toronto-------

Toronto rudeboy makes his return to Ottawa after blowing the roof off the last High Voltage. The KFA don mega has been hard at work behind the scenes getting together numerous upcoming projects, with releases lined up throughout the rest of the year (and even beyond), including a sequel to the incredibly well received Ghoul Skool album, his first foray into conceptualizing an album project and seeing it through all the way to completion.

If you don't know by now, Saiyan brings a unique style of hardcore-focused but genre neutral ridiculousness mixed across as many decks as promoters are willing to give him. He's often hailed as one of the country's best, and you don't know why, you're about to find out.

AoS ------Chicago-------

AoS started taking the hardcore scene by storm in the past 2 years, Having tracks released on Hardcore Underground and Executive Records, along with various other labels and albums.

He caught the attention of many, while quickly starting to DJ all over the US and Toronto, Canada.

The future is looking bright for this emerging star as he continues to grow!

Garidose -------Ottawa--------

DJ Garidose is a Canadian-born DJ that started performing at local raves in 2013 and is now recognized as the heart and soul of the Ottawa Happy Hardcore scene. Garidose has since gone on to start Mysteria Entertainment, one of Ottawa's best electronic dance scene promoters, and brought in DJs from all over the world.

Garidose showcases his favorite hardcore artists (Scott Brown, Dougal and Gammer, Hixxy, etc) while mixing in his own Happy Hardcore compositions. His scratching techniques and captivating stage presence is the fuel that drives the crowd on the dance floor.

Come on out and see one of the most captivating, exciting, and impressive Happy Hardcore DJs in Ottawa.... and bring your friends!

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