May 1st: Sleep Waker/ Somewhere to Call Home/ Illiad/ More

New May 1st: Sleep Waker/ Somewhere to Call Home/ Illiad/ More

Sleep WakerFacebook   .  Website
Sleep WakerFacebook   .  Website

Sleep Waker

Some people fear them, dread every second leading up to the one where they break from consciousness, sacrificed to the shadows of their psyche. Meanwhile, other people dedicate hours that morph into days and weeks mastering how to instill their own lucid dreams—to escape the harsh realities life to a world of their own. Like people, dreams can be good or bad; inherently pleasurable or hellish, and if you had to pick a band to capture all that truly defines dreams—the great ones, the good ones, and the horrifying ones—Michigan’s Sleep Waker is definitely the band to choose. Combining haunting, eerie melodies with malicious breakdowns and cutthroat grooves, Sleep Waker combine blistering nu metal, abrasive metalcore, and just enough ethereality to drop the listener’s guard, making an experience that is haunting and brooding while managing to be addictive and immersive in everything they write. 

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LineupIlliad and Falling to Ashes
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Tags: hardcore, metalcore