Oct 4th: The Planet Smashers w/ The Anti Queens

New Oct 4th: The Planet Smashers w/ The Anti Queens

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The Planet Smashers

FLASHBACK!: The year was 1994 and the world was a very different place….A happy-go-lucky Bill Clinton presided over the free world; Ace of Base topped the music charts with their insipid reggae-inspired hit The Sign; cats had yet to take over the internet, men and women wore acidwashed overalls slung from one shoulder à la Joey from Friends; and a young band of ragtag miscreants released their first full-length to an unsuspecting public. In case you haven’t been paying attention, that band was (and still is) The Planet Smashers.

Fast forward two and a half decades, nine albums, one million+ records sold worldwide, six gazillion beers consumed, countless tours and one extremely blurry never-ending party to this futuristic and confusing present day. Who will save us from this current clusterfuck filled with beliebers, honey-booboos and bathroom selfies? Who will stand boldly in the face of the autotuned, deep-vee wearing douche chills crapping in the earholes of the world? Who will dare to play their own instruments while blasting out ska hooks so catchy you wish you could scoop them up and eat them like ice-cream?....You’re goddamned right it’s The Planet Smashers.

The Anti Queen

The Anti-Queens are four friends from Toronto who write and perform rock n roll songs, with a hint of punk/grunge/pop... Or as they more easily describe their band "8 with some instruments".  Consisting of Emily Bones on lead vocals/guitar, Mary Deth on bass, Valerie Knox (of Black Cat Attack) on lead guitar and newly joined member Dallas Conte on drums.

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LineupThe Planet Smashers The Anti Queens The Fly Downs Set Fire Taming Sari
Doors7:30 PM
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