Augury/ Unbeing and More April 27th at Mavericks

Augury/ Unbeing and More April 27th at Mavericks

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Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Augury began his journey in 2001 with an intent from the start to deliver an extreme dose of metal along with an intriguing/scientific and esoteric lyrical concept. In that period the band was born from the ashes of many local acts such as Foreshadow, Kralizec (Patrick Loisel), Atheretic, Quo Vadis, (Dominic Forest Lapointe), Spasme (Mathieu Marcotte), and Disembarkation, Neuraxis (Etienne Gallo) and Arianne Fleury. 


Sometimes, it's steroid induced progressive music. Other time it's hypnotic rhythms and catchy melodies. At it's core, it's metal that even your grandma can enjoy- without anyone screaming at her for 45 minutes. 

Show Specs
LineupMaou Mindu, Chariots of the Gods and The Aphelion
AgesAll Ages
  • $15.00

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Tags: metal, progressive, instrumental, montreal, death metal